The importance of Copywriting for D2C Brands

You know how they say A pen is mightier than a sword, well this is true when it comes to D2C brands. Copywriting helps you present your market/brand positioning which otherwise would have been very difficult to express via visuals or just the product. A picture might be worth a thousand words but when it comes to D2C brands if you make use of just the picture sans the words, those thousand words won't be able to fend for themselves alone.

Before you figure out the "How" part of your brand positioning,it's important to understand the "What". What market position would you want your brand to acquire. For example, during WW2, Volkswagen, came out with an ideal brand proposition of "the small car", making it clear that a car isn't a luxury reserved for the rich anymore. The essence of positioning lies in putting forth your stance, your beliefs and the area you want to occupy. Without positioning, no creative team, no copy writer or no ad strategist can do justice to your brand.

Explaining the digital landscape

Once you are sorted on the positioning front, then comes the second step, explaining the digital landscape in a metaphorical manner.

Digital platforms were meant to bring people, ideas, experiences and thoughts together, make them reach out and network with each other. Any digital platform is nothing less of a busy street or a "fish market" if we may be so bold, everyone is doing their own thing, laughing, crying, dancing, watching videos, or making them, the entire spectrum of emotion with all the shades. That's where the role of a Copywriter steps in, attracting people towards your product with just the right communication strategy.

Copywriting isn't merely attempting to attract attention, it is also holding that attention till the customer is finally convinced. It doesn't stop right there, it also covers the entire journey from your ad to your landing page aka your digital shop and then continues to deliver the right after sales experience including but not limited to queries, feedback and reviews making your customer a loyalist.

Before you figure out the how, it's essential you have the What cleared up. And once the What is done, make sure you find just the perfect "How" to achieve your own goals.

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