7 Arguably Good Reasons To Activate Your D2C Channel

1. Evolution of D2C business model

We have all grown up drooling over the definitions of B2B, B2C models, but times have changed drastically since. Textbooks have been replaced by Kindle and Ipads. Traditional market is now being replaced by Instagram. Consumers are becoming hungry for knowledge and more mindful. Customers don't wanna be kings anymore, they want to fit in their pedestal of Gods which the business have promised. They want to be all knowing. The New D2C models allow the business this freedom, make them more transparent and treat the customer exactly the way they want to be treated. Not only for the customers, but the business now knows better who their customer is, who is buying from them, customer feedback, response and analysis is better and gives an edge over other conventional models.

2. Delivering to the moon very soon

With Elon Musk announcing to make Mars the next colony, we won't be surprised if we see sale on moon on a Black Friday or Big Billon Day in near future. The D2C breaks away the pitfalls of both traditional and physical markets. The supply chain is cut surprisingly short. The minute we order, we can track its packaging, shipping and dispatch on our screens. We are hyperconnected now and the logistics advancement the D2C model offers hasn't yet been offered by anyone before.

3. Era of Dopamine clicks

The mobile phone is the new age 'Hotwheels', every kid has been brought up in an ecosystem of one day delivery and zero ad videos. They are the future buyers who are driven by the attitude of wanting it now! The convenience of D2C offers this and more.

4. Reincarnating Its Own Self

Quick feedbacks, easy redressals and high customer satisfaction are some of the many sure shot pros of the D2C model. It has the potential to stand the test of time. It reincarnates itself. The transparency offers more space for innovation making a brand thrive.

5. Monopoly Is Unhealthy

Too much power is destructive. Monopoly of a single entity might open up doorways for malpractices, unorganized and unethical practices. With the D2C model, there is not only equal opportunity but also more variety, which creates an urgency for constant innovation, high customer satisfaction and brand being loyal to ethical and organized practices.

6. Digital Marketing Next Gen

Digital marketing has opened up a truckload of new opportunities and creative spaces. From constant innovations in live-commerce, AR, VR, AI, ML, IOT, Bitcoins. It not only creates new avenues but also lives in synergy with the latest innovations.

7. Un-predicting The Future

If we have learnt anything about marketing, is that change is the only constant. There are a lot of macro level innovations happening everyday. The D2C model is also not immortal but it is safe to say that it won't be counting its last breaths anytime soon and who knows maybe the D2C model is able to push its bandwidth to incorporate the challenges it is yet to face.

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