If you want the silver screen to give you footage and get the attention of the mango people(aam janta), you should be really good. Basically, if you are not worth your salt, your career might come to a halt.Ab khoon ka badla khoon ho sakta hain, lekin khoon ka agla khoon ho, yeh zaroori nahi. So Nepotism’s gonna be dead meat by 2020, and here’s why.

1. Most importantly, Kangana has not yet Run-aut of arguments against it. Koffee ho ya chai, she is not gonna stop bashing it.

2. The twitterati has started bashing star kids real bad now. According to them, some star kids are literally industrial waste.

3. Scripts are tending more towards new faces now. Aur rishte mein toh scripts sabke baap lagte hain.


So say your goodbyes people, nepotism is probably leaving.