Kisi mahapurush ne kaha tha, first impression is last impression. And posters dictate the publicity of the film. A poster cannot have posterrors. So to judge a good poster, ask yourselves these three questions:

1. Does the poster give you a hint, only a hint, of the narrative of the film? Remember teaser or spoiler mein sirf ek camera angle ka difference hota hai. Agar poster se hint na aaya, toh poster bekaar. Lekin agar spoiler aaya, toh…

2. Are the profiles in the poster aesthetically placed? Random photobombing might be fun in groupfies, but it can be economic suicide for a film. Har hero/ine ka angle thik hona chahiye.

3. Does the color palette and lettering go with the mood of the film? Period drama ka agar retro coloured poster ho, toh period drama ke box office run me bhi period lag sakta hai.