Trend hijacking refers to marketing based on trends. Companies do this by generating content centred around a happening phenomenon. It’s not easy to get right – trend hijacking heavily relies on timing, sensitivity and relevance. Here’s three companies that do it well:

– Amul

Amul’s print ads have been in the game since the 80s, and their topical, butter-themed puns are cute, on-point and always well-received. Featuring the regularly feature the universally loved Amul girl (buttered toast in hand), they cover everything from the Pic-Nik wedding and the AIB Roast to Modi’s foreign trips – which is quite the (excuse the pun) spread!

– Zomato


The very mention of Zomato brings to mind zingy food and even zingier one-liners that float above streets and circulate on our feeds. Their ads are more pop culture oriented and Zomato nails happening millennial humor with relatable content like: “nation wanted to know: ladka nikal gaya kya?” and “love, snacks aur dhokla.”

– Tinder

Almost every day, one wakes up to find the next new meme circulating on social media. Tinder capitalizes on the fact that we scroll over 300ft of content per day and works with Instagram accounts like buzzfeed, fjerry, tank.sinatra, etc. Their latest outdoor advertising campaign ‘Adulting Can Wait’ features hoardings with iconic memes recreated to relate to the urban youth of today.